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Legend of Queen Opala II - Episode II

Legend of Queen Opala II - Episode II

File Size: 231 MB
Audio: English
Censored: No

when you reach the first town (theo one ruled by Kross), you have to go south until you can go only left, and then enter in the first house you see. A man there will make a quiz at you, respond correctly to his question and you'll get the item to save everywhere
About the game, I can't go on now. (I'll put a spoiler tag to be sure)

I encountered Osira in the Temple of Moon (in the desert region of the game) and I can't follow her in the door. To open it, I guess from what the PC found on the door that I have to go across the ocean, and find the highest location of the game (you have to get across the ocean to find another quest item too). Now, I have to wait that a captain of a ship go to the tavern in the Tel Adira, but I tried to sleep and let a few day pass (as a NPC suggest) and he doesn't come.
I guess the game could've ended for now, since I killed three of the bosses of the main story (and from the achievment's name I think that there are only six bosses), but the game completion is at 18%, and even if I didn't complete a lot of side quests, I doubt that they can reach the 50% of the game. Plus, Gabe said that we can explore the whole continent, and I think that the region beside the ocean is apart of the continent.



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