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Walkthrough for Illustrations of Legend of Queen Opala

Walkthrough of All Illustrations of Legend of Queen Opala

01 - defeat the legendary broncallo, in the mountains north of athrosa (west of athrosa cave).
02 - lost letter, stealth game building, festival island
03 - hen'tai box south west of athrosa on the road back to the portal cave.
04 - artshop
05 - artshop
06 - artshop
07 - defeat the legendary giantus in the crystal chamber beneath the palace dungeons.
08 - lost letter, second floor of house north of mount falcon inn.
09 - hen'tai box in palace kitchens
10 - hen'tai box at isolated ruins, greece
11 - lost letter, room in mansion of the lord, after dungeons.
12 - defeat the legendary goddess, church, ruins of the past.
13 - hen'tai box at ruins of the past, 2nd area
14 - artshop, new stock
15 - artshop, new stock
16 - defeat the legendary giga lardo, outside of osira's liar entrance.
17 - hen'tai box at mount falcon end
18 - hen'tai box at arena training ground
19 - lost letter, found in the haven of the furries (use ancient doorway found on dead rock).
20 - defeat the legendary octobreeder in the monster cove cave.
21 - defeat the legendary slitheros at the dead rock swamps.
22 - hen'tai box in the dungeons of the mansion of the lord.
23 - defeat the legendary spike dragon on the island of the mansion of the lord.
24 - defeat the legendary ice queen, end of the monster cave in wintero.
25 - defeat the legendary spirit queen, outside the top of the tower of hades
27 - defeat the legendary bagdarus at the bottom of hell dune.
28 - defeat the legendary lightning queen outside osira's liar.
29 - defeat the legendary nature queen in souther greece.
30 - hen'tai box in the village of wintero, in a locked house.
31 - defeat the legendary wingbask within the pharoah's tomb.
32 - hen'tai box in the castle on monster cove.
33 - defeat the legendary demon guardian at the cave on the island of the mansion of the lord.
34 - defeat the legendary featherlion, south mount falcon.
35 - defeat the legengary kerberos at the bandit fortress.
36 - lost letter, house in outpost
37 - lost letter, lady farah's room
38 - lost letter, locked house in wintero, near tavern.
39 - defeat the legendary serpento, in the great land, egypt.
40 - lost letter, bandit fortress, long hall after meeting with rughart, NW corner.
41 - defeat the legendary ragnarok, in greece, south of the singless post.
42 - lost letter, stables
43 - hen'tai box, east of garden of anuket
44 - lost letter, back of osira's lair in the right most cell.
45 - defeat the legendary krona, flying around several screens east of wintero village.
46 - hen'tai box, second floor library, bandit fortress.
47 - lost letter, courtyard with crosses in castle on monster cover.
48 - defeat the legendary bulk in the gatehouse, tower of hades.
49 - defeat the legendary undead baron in the deep dungeons.
50 - lost, letter, second lever in room outside tower of hades
51 - hen'tai box in outside of osira's throne room
52 - lost letter, western wing of arena (near door to balcony).

All Tablets of History in Legend Of Queen Opala

Quick Tips for Tablets of History

(1) chest in house above blonde girl in main square, capital of egypt.
(2) chest south of camel toe tavern.
(3) chest in ante-room before ballroom in royal palace.
(4) chest in NE corner of large area north-north of capital city exit (signpost area).
(5) chest SE corner of rope bridge area, right after cave portal in greece.
(6) chest on second floor of barracks in greece (village of athrosa)
(7) chest in SE corner of large grassy area one screen west of the exit from the cave found north of athrosa village.
(8) chest in first room inside the ruins where you fight sir edward
(9) chest in cave that leads to mount falcon. near exit.
(10) chest inside first house at mount falcon. first room in the basement.
(11) chest in second area of ruins of the past. above ruins with the second basesment.
(12) chest west of the small storage room outside the gatehouse to the tower of hades.
(13) chest on west side of building, after rope bridge, top of tower of hades.
(14) chest in the SE corner of an area in osira's lair. south of the exit (where you find the smart, peaceful goblin).
(15) chest in pharoah's tomb.
(16) chest in store on festival island.
(17) chest on arena balcony (west side), festival island.
(18) chest in fortune teller's home, main square, capital of egypt.
(19) chest at the bottom of hell dune, in lava cavern.
(20) chest outside the bandit fortress.
(21) chest in wintero in the area furthest southwest, below a raised area with a cave.
(22) chest in wintero. southeast of the legendary krona and down some narrow stairs.
(23) chest in ice caves beneath the cabin and cemetery in wintero, second area.
(24) chest in the lower level of the castle on monster cove.
(25) chest on dead rock. leave ship and follow path all the way around back to the SW.

Find Paintings Easily LOQO

Find Paintings

01 - house above blonde girl, main square
02 - artshop.
03 - second floor, house in athrosa village with scholar.
04 - athrosa village tavern.
05 - second basement in ruins of the past.
06 - inside room in gatehouse, outside the tower of hades.
07 - second floor of house at mount falcon.
08 - wintero item/weapons and armour shop.
09 - second floor of greece isolated ruins, third edward fight.
10 - in the back of osira's liar, in the center cell.
11 - arena main fighting hall.

Master Hen'tai Boxes of Legend Of Queen Opala

Master Hen'tai Boxes Locations

1 - house at the end of mount falcon (illustration 17).
2 - inside a ruined building in ruins of the past, 2nd area (illustration 13).
after the cave portion of osira's lair, near the throne room, to the right of the stairs down (illustration 51).
3 - hidden on the west side of the path leading from the portal cave to the village (illustration 03).
4 - hidden on the road to the gardn of anuket (illustration 43).
5 - hidden in the palace kitchens (illustration 09).
6 - hidden in the arena, training area (illustration 18).
7 - hidden on first floor of isolated ruins in greece, fourth encounter/third fight with sir edward (illustration 10)
8 - hidden on the second floor library of the bandit fortress (illustration 46).
9 - hidden in a locked house in the village of wintero (illustration 30).
10 - hidden in a room on the lower level of the castle on monster cove (illustration 32).
11 - hidden in the dungeon level of the mansion of the lord (illustration 22).

Treasure Maps Loactions of Legend Of Queen Opala

Treasure Maps Locations hints:

01 - second floor of ruins (third fight with sir edward)
03 - get this map from nipha
06 - on right table, inside mount falcon inn
07 - grocery merchant in outpost
08 - secret room in the mansion of the lord, dungeon area.

Legend Of Queen Opala Secret sex scenes

All the Secret Sex Scenes

Opala - Once you've discovered Greece head to the royal palace's dungeon. The scene will become unavailable after entering tower of hades. Can also only be triggered if you've sided with Opala

Farah - After you've been at the stables, at the Turkish merchant, and back to the stables again go to the bed in the royal palace and sleep. This will become unavailable if you progress too far.

Osira - After you've done everything for her you'll be told to get rid of the 4 gatekeepers. Betray Osira and take the powers of atleast one gatekeeper for yourself. After that, wait untill you and Osira are at the Pharaoh's tomb, and you've defeated the boss. When you get the choice to apologise there is a secret third option to select at the buttom.

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How To Find Oniquine or Advanced Mineral?

How To Find Oniquine or Advanced Mineral?

Answer: Echo Forest (Night), Tower of Despair
Region: Echo Forest (Night), Tower of Despair HP:2850 MP:910 Exp:34 Gold:128 Class: Demon Spells: Darkness, Greater Darkness, Eclipse Drop: Advanced Mineral

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